Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a critical part of today’s modern industry and the drilling industry is no exception.

The correct protective gear keeps your investment and your labour force productive, efficient and injury free. Protective gear can also lead to a dramatic reduction in incidents and accidents in the workplace.

Items like boots, heavy duty clothing, helmets and goggles are standard equipment for the drilling and mining industry. Specialised jobs and situations however may call for hi-visibility clothing, respiratory protection, fire protection and protection from electrical injury.

We at Specialised Drilling Services can assist on the type, nature and grade of PPE that is required for every situation and eventuality.

Technical and environmental support

Due to our combined experience in the mining, exploration and drilling industry, we can supply and support drill rigs for every application.

We can offer a wide range of drill rigs and market leading drilling equipment for all types of exploration drilling, both underground and surface applications.

The Specialised Drilling Services Group can provide technical support within the African context for all its drilling products and services.

The advantage of having many years of combined experience in the drilling and exploration fields is that Specialised Drilling Services has the expertise and experience to assist with mission, critical decisions and strategies in the field.

Our presence in South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Botswana gives us a large footprint in Southern Africa to assist potential clients. 

We also have a vast experience in the area of environment issues and can proactively assist drilling companies with our experience drawn from many different countries, situations as well as legal systems.