Specialised Drilling Services

Suppliers of drilling consumables to the African continent

Specialised Drilling Services is a privately owned supply company and we service the mining drilling industry from mineral exploration – Reverse circulation & Diamond Core drilling, water-well as well as the Geotechnical sectors of the Drilling Industry.

Drill rigs

for mineral exploration in various drilling methods.
Drill Rigs for water well and mud rotary drilling.

We can source and have access to good second-hand drill rigs of various models and makes.


Underground drilling equipment.


Drilling fluids, pipes, bits, hoses, adapters, filters, pumps, rods, trays, barrels and much more.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our team has over 100 years joint experience in the drilling and exploration fields over 4 different continents.

Our head office is located in Swakopmund Namibia with companies / branches in South Africa and Zambia and we operate throughout the African continent.

We proudly supply a wide range of high quality Black Diamond Australia Drilling Equipment such as Reverse Circulation hammers and bits, Down the Hole drilling equipment for Blast Hole and Water well drilling as well as Top Hammer drilling equipment.

SDS has established a reputation for outstanding commitment to product quality, innovation and most importantly customer service.

We provide high quality products and services to the mining industry.

Exploration drill rigs

Multipurpose drill rigs with the ability to perform in both, diamond core drilling, reverse circulation (RC) drilling and rotary drilling technique.

These rigs can be configured to suit the customer’s requirement – truck, skid, crawler mounted or jack up style rigs.

Diamond Core drill rigs

Diamond core drill rigs, powerful and efficient and they can be available in a range of different configurations to suit customer / global operational and environmental demands.